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    Inventer of the Motorized Cable Car04-05-2008 3:09 pm
    I came across this article in the SF Gate inventor of the motorized cable car.

    The problem is my grandfather, Harold Geister was the inventor of the motorized cable car 7 years before.

    See here.

    Simple US Energy Policy12-27-2007 3:35 pm
    This is my idea for a simple US Energy Policy that could really take the spikes out and equalize the fuel prices across the USA.

    1) Create a US standard blend of regular gas that is legal to use across the USA. Allow for other blends, but the US standard blend should have a minimum of oxygenate and should be a 87 octane blend.

    2) Let states opt out, but withhold there federal highway funds

    That's it, it doesn't get any simpler than that. So next time a refinery gets shut down in your area and the next state over has a surplus, go ahead and import it into your state and use it. No more of this 20 blends of fuel for the country.

    Philips BGW200 802.11 10-10-2007 1:28 pm
    I did some work on the Philips BGW200 802.11 and in the process acquired a Adya Systems development board and software.

    Currently this is selling for $1K at the Adya site. I will sell my used one for the same, note that this kit is better than the one they are selling as they shipped the software with the .lst files for all the binary objects. This reviles the source code to the whole object set. Including the BGW200 firmware and loader.

    For $2k total I will through in working schematics for a a BGW200 wireless adapter, 1 completed PCB board, and a two layer board layout design and a BGW200 document that shows many of the internal BGW200 programming registers.

    All of the schematics I've seen online for the BGW200 will not work as they fail to understand the basics of the clock circuit. Having all of my info will save you at least $1K of pain, probably much more than that.

    Let me know I can take paypal. email me at this domain via mike@

    The First CD-ROM in HTML Format06-30-2005 11:09 pm
    Was Group42 Sells Out, from 1994

    How to stop lots of spam06-18-2002 2:01 pm

    ISP's please read, help stop spam

    A very simple thing that ISP's can do to help stop spam is the correctly name their DNS addresses of their customer machines, and to support reverse DNS. Unfortunatly most providers don't follow simple rules that could stop a good percentage of spam from getting through spam filters

    A simple soultion

    ISP's need to correctly name there connections in a way that spam filters can filter out dialup and dsl connections where a good percentage of the spam is generated from.

    Here is an example address : adsl-64-168-12-76.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net

    And how it should be labled : adsl-64-168-12-76.scrm01.dsl.pacbell.net

    Notice the difference? placing the dsl sub domain right after the pacbell.net domain give spam filters an easy way to filter out all of pacbell's DSL subscribers. They could also use this as a feature to charge more money to people that want to run incoming mail servers on there connections.

    A dialup example: pool-141-153-149-110.mad.east.verizon.net

    should be labled 141-153-149-110.mad.east.pool.verizon.net

    Anything that can be done to eaisly identify DSL, CABLE and Dialup customers and not have to continually figure out how to chase down new addresses the ISP's choose to use.

    This is even more important considering 1/3rd of the PC's connected to the internet are infected with some sort of virus or spyware and could easly be used to send spam.

    ohh ya I forgot, please send spam to me at spam@mycal.net and scott@mycal.net as I use these addresses to feed my filters.

    What is going on here12-09-2002 5:02 pm
    This is a test of some experimental software I've tossed together. The idea is to have a cross between a blog and homepage builder. It allows a user to blog and organize a webpages through a web interface. No web skills are necessary, though some html skills would make the display a bit better and more flexible when editing the content. As you look a this example, try to picture each object with an edit button, this is the case when you are logged in as admin. You may add or edit objects at any layer of the tree, or create more branches. It is super simple.

    This software is PHP based and requires no external database. It uses a small and fast PHP based database that I have written for general web projects.

    So far this is very raw, if your interested on looking or hacking on the source let me know at mycal*mycal.net.

    ☭Obama☭ This is a test

    Easily Pass the California Drivers Licence Test01-14-2003 11:41 am

    Go Here to see my sample California Drivers License testing program.

    Take this test 10 to 20 times and you will pass the California Drivers License test with no problems.

    Added Aqualink Sensor Repair Page03-24-2004 5:41 pm
    Added a page on how to repair an Aqualink temperature sensor, but can be applied to most Temperature sensors.

    See Aqualink Sensor Repair


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