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    Parent DirectoryHow to ruin America

    Ben Stein has an article over at Yahoo about how to ruin America. Looks like he is just re-iterating what is happining to us now, as every one of his points is covered in modern America and played out in our schools.

    This is not America, what it stands for, what it was. Joe Guzzardi from the Lodi News-Sentinel had this story that describes accuratly what older Americans think of what we have become:

    Let me share my own example of what I consider a deserving case. A few years ago, I wanted to buy walnuts in bulk. I searched the classified ads until I found an address in a nearby town.

    When I located the house, I walked to the shed out back. There, an elderly couple sat shelling walnuts. They recognized my picture from the Lodi News-Sentinel and invited me into their house.

    On their walls were photographs, medals and citations from World War II. Both had been heroes; he in the Battle of the Bulge and she in the Pacific.

    Over the years, I’ve had dozens of visits in that living room. Once, around Veterans Day, I said, “Well, you must be very proud of what you did for your country.”

    And in reply the gentleman said, “It just doesn’t matter much anymore, does it?”


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