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    Parent DirectoryThe San Jose Airport Sucks as bad as SFO

    Or what is the best airport in the SF Bay Area

    Just got back from a whirlwind trip to RTP (Research Triangle Park). Usually when I go on these trips I fly out of Oakland for the convenience of parking, crowds, and getting in and out. But this time I flew out of San Joseís terminal A because the rest of the crew that I was going with hailed out of San Jose.

    First of if your going to fly out of San Jose add a half hour to how early you have to be there. The parking lot is one half mile away from the terminal. Then pray you can catch a bus in a reasonable amount of time. Since I have never flown from terminal A nor parked in the long-term lot I didnít know the obvious tip to reduce the bus ride, but Iíll give it to you here. The parking lot is divided up into sections A to J, you want park in the sections closest to J (A and J are close to each other). Say if you park in A, you want to walk to the J bus stop (in most cases) since the trip from A to J can be another 10 to 15 minuets.

    Once you get into the terminal the security lines can be long, so add time for this also. They are not as bad as SFO, but close.

    This trip re-enforced my view that Oakland is by far the best airport to fly out of in the Bay Area. It is easy to get in and out of, it has the best/cheapest parking. And the security lines are the shortest.


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