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    Parent DirectoryWho Elected Patty Murray?

    She is a god dam Senitor! How in the hell can a powerfull elected offical like Murry get away prasing bin Lauden? Not only prase him, but prase him with a bunch of lies?

    Now her spokesman, Tom Webster is saying "This is being turned into a circus by the right-wing media outlets and fed by right-wing haters." This is the biggest crock I've heard I cannot believe he said that after reading the transcripts.

    He must be thinking of the Democrat left-wing media outlets and left-wing haters who are accusing all Republicans and white Southerners of being "racist."

    Heck the at least the media had to invent what Lott ment, no need for that here. Anyone who believes what Patty Murry says has no business as a senator.


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