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    Parent DirectoryThe Fall of Western Civilization will be it's birth rate

    immigration and social policies.

    A lot of people don't seem to like like Pat Buchanan for a number of reasons. But his book Death of the West is a must read. Many of the themes laid out in the book are trending true.

    Unless the trend changes I predict the following in the next 40 years:

    • China will absorb/take over much of Siberia through illegal immigration infiltration. Extending its power the same way it has expanded over the last 2000 years.
    • Europe will trend Muslim through mass immigration to support the socialist infrastructure of parts of Europe, and at least one country could fall under islamic rule.
    • WWIII will be fought in Europe.
    Sam Frances has an interesting take on it:

    "..As the white European birth rate falls while that of Third World immigrants to Europe rises, the Muslims know very well whose continent Europe will soon become. It's the Europeans who don't have a clue.."

    There are many things that could change the outcome.

    The USA will have Europe as a warning mechanism. They are much bigger danger than we are. Our immigration problem is not nearly as dangerous as our immigrants are generally pro-west. They only trend us socialist.

    Steve Sailer has a good article what Europe should do.

    Russia seems to have taken similar advice with this effort to help remedy the situation.


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