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    Parent DirectoryHypocrisy Department

    OK I have to stop doing this, but I just got this from Dave D'Raves list and had to post it here:

      The CEO of Pfizer, the drug company who makes Viagra, has been appearing on lots of news programs, whining about how unfair it is for people to be importing low-cost drugs into this country from Canada.

      A quick examiniation of the H1-B database shows that Pfizer has imported hundreds of people in the last three years, most with job titles like "Research Scientist II", and "Senior Manager, Business Development". I wonder: How many of them are from Canada?

      Until now, I was somewhat sympathetic to their arguments the we should not import price controls from the lowest cost consuming country. My attitude is now this:

        Whosoever lives by the low-cost imports, dies by the low-cost imports.

      I am now in favor of unrestricted re-imports of drugs from Canada.



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