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    Parent DirectoryHyper Sensitive 'Politics' in California

    Why I say this is politics is it seems certain "Groups" only get hypersensitive against certain other groups. Personally I think that the whole politically correct speech thing has got to go and the people that can't handle it need to take sensitivity training because they are too dam sensitive. P.P Over here we have "Gay Right Avocates Jumping in In" over Arnolds 1977 interview where he used the word "FAG". This is so GAY I can't believe it, A) in 1977 FAG didn't have the stigma it has today B) in context even today I don't see what the problem is, would of it been more politically correct for him to replace fag with gay?

    If you don't think we have a liberal biased media this should convince you that we do.

    Moreover, Cruz Bustamante seems immune for his "Nigger" outburst, which was written off as a slip of the lip, and that he doesn’t think that way. But then it comes out that Cruz was a member of the Hispanic KKK called MEChA (a racist Hispanic group that hates all except Hispanics), so maybe it was a slip of the lip and maybe he does think that way. Though he said he was only a moderate member of MEChA (How would being a moderate member of the KKK fly?) he still says he supports there ideals today.


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