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    Parent DirectoryTime, Space, Reality?

    Date:      Fri, 02 Apr 1993 18:32:59 PST
    From: "mycal's fc email account" 
    Subject:   No Limit?
    Time, space, reality?
    Is time constant?  What is C? Defines perception.
    Perception is everyting.  At least from where your standing.
    Accellerate, red shift red.  Welcome.  Information awaits.  Control, try.
    Don't blink, or you'll miss it. Tearing down the fabric... Pico, my that's
    small.  Building.  NewEdge, I've heard that before.  Nanotech is here.
    Equation approaching limit. Can't stop. Too late.  Blurr.  Auto Pilot,
    out of control. Meatbot dead? Entopy win? Surf the Half Pipe, space is bent.  Stars, I can't. Feel.
    Interspace=matrix=Outerspace. What is reality? Does it exist?  Redefine.
    Time, Space, Reality?


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