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    Parent DirectoryYoung men lead audience flight from struggling US cinemas

    Thats what the headline says. I say no shit. So much of the movies and TV being produced today suck, really suck. They are not providing what a young man wants to see.

    During world war II or soon after, movies were patiotic and full of heros. They killed Japs and Krauts, they put it on the line, they did what they had to do to protect their country. Can you see movies today about killing terrorists? Maybe, Palistinian or Syrian terrorists? Not if you don't want CAIR breating down your back. Studios have folded and changed poplular stories (ie. "Sum of All Fears" replaced Arab Terrorists with Neo-Nazi Terrorists).

    Young men in America see through all this PC feminized feltercarb and look elsewhere. I say good riddans to Hollywood, produce some content for America and not Europe and we will come back.


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