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    Parent DirectoryWhat is wrong with young boys today?

    It seems to me after looking out for it that young boys (16-21 years) around here are a mess. The reason I started to take notice is that my nephew just graduated high school and was having lots of problems with his parents about what to do after high school.

    In his case he was one of the top football players at his school and could of got into a 4-year collage. His problem is that he needed to take an English class at the local junior collage during his last semester in high school to qualify. For some reason he blew it off, no motivation. I personally couldnít understand it. The kid is smart enough, but zero motivation. I also noticed that on the football field he was aggressive, aggressive to the max, but outside of football very little aggression or motivation, in fact a borderline whiner. Then it dawned on me it might be a lack of confidence. But how can someone have confidence in himself in a sport like football, but no confidence in anything else?

    So I started paying attention to other young boys, and it seems like you have to look pretty hard to find a young boy that exhumes confidence. At the local Yardbirds (a hardware store) I noticed that the young boys there were wimpy, snivelly and whiney, not just one of them, all of them. They young girls on the other hand were cheerful and helpful. What is going on here?

    On the other side of the coin Iíve seen other boys that are aggressive and confidant, but these all fall in the anti establishment or hoodlum camp.

    There are a few boys that I have met that are confidant, can work well with others (both adults and kids), they all seem to be going places in their life. But these are few and far between.

    Where are the young confidant gentlemen? Do they build them anymore?

    I am worried as I have 3 young boys; I want them to be confident and successful. I think I have a handle on what creates anti social gangbangers, but what creates the wimpy feminized slosh buckets that are so prevalent today?


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