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    Parent DirectoryPoverty in the USA

    I keep hearing about poverty in the US. What does poverty mean in this context? Poverty in the US in the year 2003 is not the poverty of 1930’s or even the 1970’s. 99.99999% of all immigrants to the US that live in “poverty” are “rich” compared to where they came from. This reminds me of the soviet propaganda film that showed the “American poverty”, it completely backfired since most of the soviet citizens looked at “America poverty” with its enough food, clothing, housing and even cars as a much better lot then they had.

    If you want to know poverty, just go to a country like Denmark. Work hard, try to make something of yourself, now look to your left, see that slacker that does as little as possible? He makes 90% as much money as you do. Now that is real poverty.


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