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    Parent DirectoryWhy Lott Shouldn't Have Apologized

    I was going to let the latest media frenzy over Trent Lott pass over, but it seems that the media, Democrats and the Black political leadership wonít let go so Iím going to comment.

    First I think Lott is a weak leader, and I think that the Republicans deserve better in their leadership. Some of the deals he has cut with Daschle are unforgiveable. But this isn't about that.

    I listened to his statement and no where did he say he supported the segregationist platform. The media inferred all this. The real mistake that Trent Lott made was to apologize, this gave credence to all of the media claims, Lott is a fool for doing this. Every time a conservative feels he has to apologize for something, most of the time when they did nothing wrong, it makes the situation worse. The Democrats and the Media use an apology for fuel and nothing more.

    There is also the Nov. 3, 1980, report about a rally for the president Reagan where Lott said basically the same thing about Thurmond. But it is obvious from the transcripts that it was based on Thurmond's support for Reagan and "State's Rights". On this I agree, if the US didn't loose "State's Rights" in the 50's we would have a lot less problems today.

    This whole thing is just political. Anyone who knows Lotts record cannot say he is any way shape or form Racist. And the many examples of Democrat gaffs go unmentioned, even when they are directly racist, get little mention by the cast of characters that are now pursuing Lott.

    There is a lot of talk on the left that Trent Lott should resign, definatly not over this. This would be a sad day for America if this happens.


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