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    Old projects that I don't maintain anymore.

      Zipcrack Source code - (view)
      RF Digital Signaling Basics - (view)
      Very small and fast CRC16 for embedded processors - (view)
      Serial Autobaud Source Code for AVR microcontroller (MEGA64 or MEGA128) - (view)
      Software Polygon Rendering Source Code - (view)
      Rail Guns Circa 1987 - A few years ago, when I was still at Chico State a few friends and I had a little fun with rail guns. Our story is here, enjoy!(view)
      My way old micropower radio page - My net famous Micropower Radio page. Micropower radio, a politically correct term for pirate radio. (view)
      Worlds smallest webserver - At one time this was the worlds smallest webserver. (view)
      Pirates Life For Me - Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me.

      A dumb little parody of the song YO HO from disney. I even made an MP3 of the song. Yes that is me singing it!

      Ha ha! (view)
      RF Digital Signaling Basics - Understanding and Decoding Manchester Encoded Data Using A Computer(view)
      Pulse Multiplier - Designed to operate newer chevy computers (40k-255kppm) with aftermarket pulsers(8kppm), but useful in anyplace you need a clock multiplier. Uses a PIC microcontroller.(view)
      My Old Website - My old website, archived here. It served me well for many years. (view)

    Cartoon Jihad02-22-2006 7:25 am
    Here is my interpetation of the cartoon jihad.
    'Nuff said.

    Difference between a Rich Liberal and a Rich Conservative?07-13-2004 4:11 pm
    It usually boils down to the rich conservative have worked hard for his money, while the rich liberal has not.

    The number of rich liberals I know seem like they feel guilty about there wealth, it also seems like they have had an easy time of it, gaining there wealth through family fortunes, stock options, or professional careers that pay well. I wouldn't associate word entrepreneur with any of them.

    I know very few liberals that have started and grown a company and stayed liberal, most tell me stories of how they changed there ideals through the trials of entrepreneurship.


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