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    Embedded Design Links

      Serial to Ethernet Products - Serial to Ethernet Products(view)
      Neteon - Network and Serial Connectivity Solutions

      Lots of Ethernet and serial to ethernet products, (view)
      Let Basic - PIC BASIC Compiler (view)
      Web 51 8051 based webserver - Web51 is a complex project of connecting an Intel x51 compatible processor to a Realtek RTL8019AS network controller. The result is a very low-cost Ethernet interface. Since a well-known x51 architecture is used, even small and medium-scale businesses can now network their devices.

      Basic philosophy of Web51:

    • Project is free. Almost all source codes are available. - DOWNLOAD
    • Project distribution contains many examples that will help you develop your own applications. - EXAMPLES
    • You can order final modules with application or the development kit with the full software as well as technical support. Prices start at $170. - PURCHASE (view)
      Ipsil - Their Claim:

      Ipsil provides revolutionary, simple drop-in hardware solutions to network-enable all types of electronic devices and provide web browser-based management of them.

      Ipsilís technology reduces the complexity of designing a network connection into a product. No hardware, operating system, software integration. No need to be a networking expert. (view)
      iReady.org - The iReady technology support website that I run. It is about to go end of life, but I will try to archive it somewhere. (view)
      EDTP Electronics Site - EDTP sells a bunch of useful embedded internet development boards at a very reasonable price.

      Plus Ed is one hell of a guy and knows what he is talking about.(view)


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