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    Worlds First Internet Gameboy

    In 1999 we created the first ever internet gameboy, maybe the first ever internet enabled gaming system that wasn't a PC. It consisted of 3 pieces, a gameboy cartridge with iReady Game Boy City programmed on it, the iDongle internet adapter, and a web backend.

    It could be used with a regular dialup modem, but where it really shined was in Japan hooked up to a PHS phone. It was basically a 1999 version of the iPhone.

    The software looked like something out of poke'mon, and you could interact with people in the Game Boy City. We had plans to do some pretty amazing things, but like most things iReady, we had 5 people creating all the ideas, demos and concepts; and 70 people trading stocks, looking for a better job or talking on there cell phone. Silicon Valley was paralyzed at the time in a VC funded company.

    More Pics, Info, Schematics and Source Code

  • Cool Pic From the website backend.
  • Internet Gameboy In Action - This one had a PHS modem mounted on the back for a truly impressive demo in 1999.
  • Gameboy From The Back with internet adapter open.
  • Gameboy In Action Again - moving your guy through the interactive online world.
  • Closeup of the iDongle board - This was further reduced but I don't have a picture of that.
  • first prototype board, it was big, 2nd was smaller and 3rd was smallest, don' have a picture of that though.
  • Schematic of the iDongle internet adapter.
  • Express PCB Design Entry for the internet gameboy.
  • Short Schedule we got this done fast!

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