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    Kleer + ENQ Semi

    Adventures in designing Embedded Software for frequency hopping radio devices.

    I was tasked to write a software architecture document for a company called ENQ semiconductor. I had to design the over the air packet formats, how the keyboard works and almost every other action the embedded controller did. One of the biggest challenges was to fix their radio frequency hopping algorithm so it would work in conjunction of bluetooth and 802.11 radios. The product sent audio, and the link needed to be reliable, so each packet sent was acknowledged. The super fast channel switching, error detection and correction, dynamic transmitter power control and the synchronization between the transmitter and receiver were all rolled into a very sweet algorithm that I think is highly useful for many different kind of wireless devices.

    Things got even more interesting when I had to design in multiple reliable receivers.

    I really thing some of the technology invented was novel, but after I spent a lot of time working on the patents with the lawyers, I parted ways with Kleer and they never seemed to follow up on the technology even though they use it in their current products.


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