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    Parent DirectoryMycal's Project History

    1983-88 Misc Chico Stuff

    Scanned Documents

  • The Famious 'Nice Guys Phone List' - from Mycal and Boz's place (numbers long dead).
  • Big Rivercat Pic
  • Unknown Bar Cycle Flyer, we were stop #3!
    CSU Chico Cycling
  • Cycling Team Flyer
  • Cycling Team Schedual from 1988
    Spring Break In Mexico
  • Guide to Eating in Mexico
  • Putting Together the Spring Break Team
    Dirty Boy Productions
  • Dirty Boy Logo
  • Meltdown Brothers - The Leaders of Dirty Boy Productions (Greg, Forrest and Peter).


    Spring Break '86 in PalmSprings

  • Mycal and Bert (ala Robert or tram) - with some new found friends.
  • Mycal and New Friends

  • Misc Pics

  • Whitney Hall '83 - The 2B boys.
  • Cycle Guys Christmas 1987 - @ the dorms
  • Turkey Bowl - Have to be home for Thanksgiving for the Casa Grande Alum Turkey Bowl!

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  • KSUC Pirate Radio CSU Chico Style.
  • High Power Fun Rail Guns Circa 1987.

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