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    Mycal's Sound Tool Project

    This is a WIN32 graphical sound tool I wrote to develop, test and verify various sound compression routines. It supports ADPCM 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 and my own 8:1 Adaptive Block Compression. The Adaptive Block Compression also supports silence detection and compression.

    We developed some hardware compression for the ITAM (Internet Telephone Answering Machine) and for a simple VOIP demo.

    Also included in this project are the Unix Snippet reference files for doing simulation verification for hardware designees. These unix snippets perform some of the individual stops the windows program does for a decode or encode session including pre and post lowpass filter.

    I just tried the sndtool.exe and it still runs fine on XP, though I don't know if it will compile on anything newer than MSVC++V1.5, but it should.

    Files and Info

  • Sndtool.exe this is the standalone windows program that can compress and evaluate all the compression methods.
  • eleven.wav a good wave file to be used in the compression tests and evaluation.
  • Adaptive Block Compression describes my 8:1 compression method.
  • The Whole sndtool project complete with source code for windows and unix snippets for hardware verification.

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