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    tRouter iReady Test Router

    Also known as Black Hole, it simulated packet delay, network loss and a bunch of other network conditions. A popular program called "the cloud" was introduced a few years later that did much the same. Unfortunately this was used internally at iReady for testing and not much else was done with it.

    Early in the startup phase of iReady I wanted to do consumer routers for dialup and Ethernet to Ethernet. This was shot down but I still wanted to do it so I wrote this on the side and tried to give it to iReady to no avail.

    The executables still work and are useable with packet drivers. Source code is included, including a very modular shell you could plug commands into.

    Source Code

  • tRouter I think this was the last version.
  • BH3 I think this was what the app guys used for testing.

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