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    uNet Wireless Controllers

    I had the wirless internet bug for a while and created two seperate but similar projects to try to accomplish it. One Compact Flash based and one SDIO based.

    The designes were very similar except the interface. The CF board was completed with software and it worked very well, the biggest problem I had was finding compatible CF cards to run in the device. Companies changed there card chipsets (IE V1 then V2 cards) and you never knew what you were getting. I used this project for a bunch of little home control projects but never tried to commercialize it.

    The SDIO version didn't really go anywhere, after spending a bunch of time talking people out of the SDIO documentation I wrote a SDIO stack for the AVR. But even with this I didn't get very far since there was no documetation available from any of the SDIO chipset venders and no matter what I told them They were not giving. So this project was tabled until I used it for a brief time to read and write to some SDIO memory cards.

    Design Docs

  • SDIO stack software and AVR hardware - as shown in the picture above. AVRGCC and ExpressPCB are the tools needed.

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