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    Winbond based IPcameras and Video Servers

    I've done extensive work on Winbond Based IP cameras and Video Servers. Specifically the Aviosys 9100a and the NC1000 sold by Gadspot and others.

    Info Here

  • Serial Port Pinouts for hooking up a RS232 level converter and accessing the ARM bootloader.
  • A nice Winbond 4 Port Server, compatable with the 9100a, but much more reliable an better built. Not manufactured anymore, too bad.

    Related Links

  • Awsome Yoics Firmware - I wrote to provide a much better UI, Individual port access, Firefox Support, and remote access.
  • My old Aviosys 9100a info and scripts - for extracting 9100 images on a webserver with PHP.
  • Flash Webcam Viewer - I've embedded this in the Firefox Legacy View.
  • Javascript Webcam Viewer - I've embedded this code in the Winbond firmware to provide apple iPhone support.

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